Center for the Reappropriation and Redistribution of Bourgeois Art

official communique:

Dear comrade,

Is not Bourgeois Art the most contemptible thing? It is fat, lazy, obstinate and content with itself... It resides on the hard drives of the selected few, taking up precious disk space that was created by the labor power of the proletariat. Bourgeois Art produces nothing. Its existence is unjustified and purely parasitic.The voice of the people are unanimous and resolute! We decry the waste that is Bourgeois Art.

We at the Center for the Reappropriation and Redistribution of Bourgeois Art, have a five year plan to combat and eradicate this threat by recycling Bourgeois art for unlimited proletarian use.

Our crack team of cosmonauts and robots have already seized the means of production and the contents of a hard disk belonging to one such bourgeois parasite and self-described "graphic designer". His degenerate art will be cleansed, mass-produced and redistributed accordingly.

As for the counter-revolutionary un-citizen that produced these works, the Cosmic Court of Distributive Justice has decreed that he spend hard time in the Art Gulag on the Hibernian Moon, located in the outer rings of Paxxil-5 in the Prozak system, where he will produce more art for proletarian consumption until the completion of his re-education process.


Secretary General of

The Supreme Cosmic Dictatorship of the Robotronic Proletariat,


Chairman Oafbot

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