who is oafbot?

whats an oafbot?

oafbot is available for:

  • graphic design
  • illustration
  • logo & identity
  • web design

if you have questions or comments regarding the website and its contents, please contact me via email.

please contact me on any copyright issues. The images provided in the downloads section are not to be reproduced or redistributed without prior consent.

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The Oafbot Design Factory is based out of Boston Massachusetts.

If you are looking to outsource your design work, or looking for help with design related issues, Oafbot can help.

Oafbot accepts both local and remote requests.

Oafbot will work hard to arrive at design solutions that satisfy your needs.

If you find working with printers or web hosting companies overwhelming, Oafbot can help as a go-between.

If you would like to hire me for design or illustraion related work, or have any questions please send me an email.

If you want to know more about me, you can read my brief bio.